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The Transforming Economy

The pandemic’s impact across industries has not only required businesses to adapt and rethink in the moment but also presented new opportunities for transformation and innovation in the future.

At Loeb, we are keeping a close eye on the business issues that will be at the forefront as we emerge from the pandemic. Whether it’s changes to the way we work, how businesses are leveraging technology to thrive, or how companies are taking advantage of opportunities in an economy that is more connected than ever, we are helping clients implement creative solutions to unique issues as they look toward the future.
The future of work requires a holistic view of how people work, where they work and what an organization needs to be successful. Employment law needs will evolve to reflect the needs of the future workforce, organizations will have to continue to address cybersecurity and privacy issues as remote working expands, and AI and other innovative tech-driven tools have the potential to reshape what the workforce looks like. The future of work also has great implications for where employees will work, raising questions about what this means for our cities, as well as for sectors such as hospitality and travel. From employment to technology, sourcing and privacy, real estate, and litigation, at Loeb, we’re helping clients across industries take this holistic view and build for the future.
In this time of near constant innovation, we understand clients need more than just lawyers who know the law. With so many businesses leveraging the power of technology and technology-enabled resources in new ways, they need lawyers who are comfortable working at the convergence of technology, business and the law—smart practitioners who understand the drive to innovate and who can anticipate and overcome roadblocks. Our tech-savvy lawyers are integrated into disciplines across the firm, allowing them to provide clients with a unique perspective as they begin to innovate and integrate technology into their businesses.
Our lawyers take pride in their ability to understand the technologies and platforms that are transforming our economy and, more importantly, how to effectively integrate and leverage these platforms to advance our clients’ businesses. We are tracking these trends, including changes to how entertainment, music and sports are streamed and consumed, to how businesses interact with consumers across industries, and wider adoption of payments technologies and other tools making our online lives more convenient and seamless, to name just a few. Loeb is at the forefront, advising on the myriad legal issues involved in our increasingly digital economy and helping clients unlock value and innovate.
Whether you’re dealing with issues surrounding force majeure, the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020, or distressed real estate and commercial leasing issues, we are continuing to help clients navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by COVID-19 and various federal and state relief efforts.