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It is an exciting time to be in the legal industry. As the rate of change in our society accelerates, digital transformation continues to alter the paradigms of business. Now, more than ever, our clients need lawyers who enable them to see beyond the next turn — and help them innovate, grow and evolve.

At Loeb & Loeb, this is what we do every day.

We represent a wide range of organizations, as well as high net worth individuals and families. We help these clients identify opportunities, expand into new markets, launch innovative products and services, protect their assets, resolve disputes, and connect with audiences in new ways. We know our clients’ businesses and understand their personal objectives. And we have tremendous multidisciplinary know-how in today’s technology and mobility trends, which continue to transcend all industries.

As a multiservice law firm with approximately 450 lawyers across eight offices in the United States and Asia, we have you covered. 


Loeb & Loeb prides itself on conducting and coordinating client matters expertly, efficiently and expeditiously. Our culture is geared toward establishing and strengthening long-term client relationships, with an emphasis on senior attorney involvement in all transactions and matters. Teams are kept to optimal size to provide the highest quality advice, utmost efficiency, and seamless, cost-effective service across practices and offices.

Legal Project Management

As a firm, we have a formal project management process that is supported by a team of dedicated business managers and attorneys who are trained in Legal Project Management (LPM) and understand the client’s goals and objectives. Our approach focuses on proactive employment of Alternative Fee Arrangements, and we have invested in cutting-edge LPM software enabling us to budget with a high degree of accuracy. We have developed customized matter templates to assist in budgeting and project management, and we regularly utilize task codes to facilitate matter and budget tracking, and to capture and analyze historical data to plan future matters with greater efficiency. Above all, we are committed to regular client communication and feedback in order to continually streamline and improve our service and ensure that we are not only meeting our clients’ needs, but adding value at every stage of the process.

“We’re all connected” takes on special meaning when it comes to diversity and inclusion at Loeb. Our diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives truly make our community stronger.

Together, we nurture and celebrate diversity, fostering an inclusive environment that results in more creative ideas, more productive discussions and better solutions for our clients.

We recognize the importance of aligning our firm with the diverse communities in which we do business. That’s why we have developed and implemented comprehensive policies and programs to support the recruitment and retention of diverse talent at all levels, ensuring team members have a path to long-term success at the firm.

Routinely, we look for ways to partner with our clients to work toward common goals for diversity and inclusion. These range from consideration of diversity in matter staffing decisions to pro bono collaborations advancing the legal interests of diverse and historically underserved populations.

We are proud of our culture, where colleagues understand the value and importance of diversity and inclusion, and we are deeply committed to the continued advancement of diversity within our firm, throughout the legal profession and in the communities we serve.

At Loeb & Loeb, one of the most powerful ways we express our “we’re all connected” philosophy is through meaningful pro bono service in the communities where we live and work.

Our commitment to community, philanthropy and volunteerism spans more than a century. Working together to bring about positive change, we donate our time and talents to those individuals and organizations in greatest need.

Our pro bono clients — refugees fleeing persecution and violence, disabled veterans seeking critical care and benefits, children suffering abuse or neglect, and organizations innovating for social good, among many others — are as varied as the legal services we provide.

We recognize that pro bono service is not only part of our firm’s professional and social responsibility, but also an opportunity for our lawyers to develop valuable experience in new areas of law and contribute to worthy causes they are passionate about. We provide our professionals with a diverse array of pro bono opportunities and firm resources and support in putting these values into practice.

In addition, we continually look for opportunities to collaborate with our clients on pro bono projects that represent our shared commitment to social justice and professional responsibility.

Pro Bono Partner Organizations
Our pro bono practice enjoys long-standing partnerships with legal services and nonprofit community organizations, which refer matters to our firm and often provide in-depth training opportunities for our lawyers. We have developed relationships with the following organizations:

  • Alliance for Children’s Rights
  • Anti-Defamation League
  • Bet Tzedek
  • Cabrini Green Legal Aid
  • Children’s Rights
  • End Rape on Campus
  • Human Rights First
  • Lawyers Alliance for New York
  • Lawyers for Children
  • Lawyers for the Creative Arts
  • Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles
  • Legal Aid Society
  • Legal Assistance Foundation
  • Legal Services NYC
  • New York Lawyers for the Public Interest
  • New York Legal Assistance Group
  • Pro Bono Partnership
  • Public Counsel
  • TrustLaw
  • Veterans Assistance Project
  • Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

Loeb & Loeb has always been on the cutting edge. Even when we began in 1909, we were known as an innovator. Founders Edwin and Joseph Loeb forged their own path, deciding to start a law firm rather than join the family grocery business. Together, they built a firm that played a major role in the early development of Los Angeles, especially as the entertainment industry was just starting to emerge in Hollywood. Just like the actors, directors and producers hoping to catch their big break in those early days, we too were chasing the dream.

Progress over the past century has been dramatic. In 1986, Loeb & Loeb merged with Hess Segal, a New York firm of comparable quality and vintage. We have since undergone a focused and strategic expansion beyond Los Angeles and New York into other key markets, including Nashville, Chicago, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Beijing and Hong Kong. 

While we’ve grown in headcount, location, and the number and types of services we offer and clients we represent, we remain committed to our core values: our people, our clients and our culture.

We strive to ensure our people feel supported and encouraged to grow, and that our clients experience an unmatched level of service. Our culture keeps us grounded in Loeb’s rich heritage. From brothers to partners, our firm remains family. We’re forming lasting relationships around the globe in ways our founders could not have imagined. And there’s no limit in sight. 

As we begin a new decade in 2020, we are excited about what’s ahead. Every year, our people become more connected with each other and with our clients and partners throughout the world. We’re serving global markets in more innovative ways each day. 

It’s a great time to be connected.

Data security is critically important to our firm and to our clients. At Loeb & Loeb, we are continuously working to provide the highest level of security and data integrity available today.

Our ISO 27001 certification, aligned with National Institute of Standards and Technology guidelines for risk management, provides clients with confidence that our security controls and practices follow internationally recognized security standards and best practices. Loeb & Loeb achieved ISO 27001 certification in 2017.

Information Protection

Loeb’s Information Security Program is intelligently positioned to protect sensitive information through a dedicated security team and technologies that support the firm and our client business processes. Having an in-depth defensive security posture combined with formal information system security standards, policies, processes and procedures provides a solid foundation for the firm’s Information Protection Program.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

We continually work to enhance the data integrity and availability of services to reduce the potential of serious business interruptions and ensure timely business resumption. Through regular business impact analysis, risk/vulnerability assessments, threat studies and disaster recovery exercises, we maintain an integrated Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Program. This has been and will continue to be a high priority.