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Investigations & Compliance


Criminal investigations. IRS audits. Congressional inquiries. SEC enforcement actions. Corruption allegations. #MeToo. As our world grows more connected, opportunities expand – and so do the risks.

At Loeb, we know that risk management is a top priority for today’s businesses and nonprofits, and our job is as much about making sure our clients are protected against potential liabilities as it is about handling issues when they occur.

Our experienced lawyers provide practical counsel to our clients to help them know about, understand and comply with a constantly evolving landscape of laws and regulations. We guide clients in internal investigations to surface any potential areas of exposure, and we assist them in structuring and implementing risk-management and training programs to ensure potential pitfalls don’t have the chance to develop into allegations of wrongdoing or regulatory challenges.

When the government comes knocking, Loeb is there. Our skilled and experienced advocates work with clients, agencies, regulators and prosecutors to resolve matters quickly, often avoiding reputation-damaging public litigation or protracted administrative enforcement actions. And should the need arise, our courtroom-tested litigators represent clients in large-scale criminal or regulator-driven investigations and litigations in the United States and around the world.

Loeb’s investigative and compliance work spans all industries and all types of companies. In addition to our White Collar Criminal Defense and Investigations group, we have industry-specific experience in the life sciences sector, with our FDA regulatory team, and in the nonprofit sector, where we work with charitable organizations to avoid or resolve compliance and regulatory issues. With one of the leading voices in the #MeToo movement, we help safeguard companies and individuals against sexual harassment exposure, using a Loeb-developed assessment tool to help companies identify potential risk factors and tailor recommendations based on these findings. Our work in this space, which began and has been most concentrated in the entertainment sector, cuts across industries, market sectors and types of organizations.

A go-to resource for companies when their reputations – and their businesses – may be on the line, Loeb lawyers work hand in hand with clients and crisis communications professionals as necessary to manage communications, workforce and morale issues that often arise in times of crisis.

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