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White Collar Criminal Defense & Investigations


Few corporate crises pose greater risk than being the subject of a government investigation or enforcement action. For companies or individuals facing these challenges, the stakes are high and the need for sophisticated, battle-tested legal counsel is even higher.

Loeb & Loeb’s White Collar Criminal Defense and Investigations team represents clients in high-stakes white collar criminal cases, regulatory enforcement matters, internal investigations, trials and appeals.

Our clients range from Fortune 500 public companies to privately owned businesses of all sizes, as well as their directors and officers, licensed professionals, and other individuals. No matter the allegations — securities or accounting fraud, health care fraud, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) or antitrust violations, tax fraud, money laundering, bank fraud, environmental and health and safety crimes, or public or commercial corruption — we have the experience to help our clients obtain the best possible outcome.

Our team includes former assistant United States attorneys from New York, Chicago and California; a former state inspector general; the former director of the Illinois State Police; and a former law clerk to the chief justice of the United States.

Loeb’s lawyers have represented clients in many of the most important and headline-making white collar and regulatory enforcement matters of the past decade, including insider trading cases, FCPA investigations, the General Motors airbag investigation, the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, automotive parts antitrust matters, the New York State Moreland Commission public corruption investigation and mortgage-backed securities investigations, to name just a few.

Our greatest successes, however, are the many white collar criminal and regulatory representations confidentially resolved for our clients without any adverse government enforcement action.

We help companies and their boards undertake major domestic and international internal investigations of fraud, embezzlement and other business crimes, and we represent independent board committees, monitors and receivers of entities victimized by fraud. We advise companies on compliance policies, assist with due diligence in corporate transactions and help clients better manage or mitigate risk.

We also know that criminal or governmental enforcement matters can be the tip of the iceberg, often spawning more problems — adverse publicity, reporting requirements and the prospect of follow-on civil litigation. Our team helps clients proactively address a range of scenarios so they can preserve their reputations and protect their business interests.

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