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Non-Fungible Tokens

From digital art, sports videos and digital collectibles to tweets and celebrity, athlete and influencer likenesses, a wide variety of today’s content is being sold as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Loeb is in the center of it all. 

Loeb’s multi-disciplinary team brings lawyers with extensive experience in advertising, entertainment, traditional intellectual property, software and technology, fintech, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs to advise celebrities and influencers, IP owners and licensees, brands, musicians, athletes, sports teams, collectors, and innovators. 

Our lawyers speak the language of NFT innovators, and we grasp the technology underlying innovations in the space. From creators of NFTs, to owners of intellectual property licensed as NFTs, to sellers, buyers and platforms, our lawyers have their fingers on the pulse of it all.

NFT Platforms

  • Assisted a major Streaming Platform in contracting with digital artists as well as with creative executions, with respect to its first NFTs.
  • Assist in the creation of an NFT platform in connection with navigating the IP implications related to the sale of NFT packets and the creation of the smart contract for the NFTs and the creation of all user documents related to the NFT platform.

Intellectual Property Owners/NFT Sellers

  • Assisted Top #5 ATP Ranked Tennis Player in navigating the creation and sale of his first NFT.
  • Assisted a major Talent Agency and a Major Sports Marketing Agency in advising their agents on NFT deal structure.
  • Assisted a major Radio/Podcast Broadcaster in protecting their intellectual property being sold via NFT and charitable aspects of royalty payments to nonprofits.
  • Assisted a Professional Sports Franchise in negotiating an agreement with an NFT platform provider to create a custom NFT Platform.
  • Assisted a major Media Personality and Related Company in reviewing custom NFT smart contracts, creating Terms of Use for NFT sales on a website and evaluating a proposed NFT creation strategy.
  • Assisted a Musical Instruments Corporation in protecting its intellectual property and assessing potential NFT opportunities.
  • Assisted a well-known Musical Recording Artist with clearing and licensing intellectual property rights in connection with their first NFTs.  

Brands and Agencies

  • Conducted NFT 101 webinar trainings for several clients including a major Gaming Manufacturer, Sports Lawyers Association and a major Talent Agency.
  • Assisted a major Insurance Agency in evaluating NFT registrars/marketplaces and their terms and conditions as they relate to intellectual property.
  • Assisted a worldwide Beer Manufacturer in navigating the Screen Actors Guild as it relates to NFTs.
  • Assisted a major Advertising Agency Holding Company in assessing stock footage licensing for use as an NFT.
  • Assisted a Consumer Foods Brand in evaluating a proposed NFT creation strategy and negotiating agreements with NFT creation agencies.
  • Assisted an Advertising Agency in evaluating NFT industry participants and creating standard SOW language for NFT projects with clients.