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Advertising Technology


In a global marketplace increasingly driven by data and technology, compelling copy and creative can only go so far. Getting the right content in front of the right audience at the right time drives successful advertising.

Loeb & Loeb’s Advertising Technology lawyers help many of the world’s largest media companies, advertisers and agencies employ and adapt new data-driven tools and technologies to understand, reach and engage with their most receptive audiences.

We help clients recognize the opportunities — and the risks — presented by the availability of vast new swaths of data. And we assist clients in navigating the evolving and often overlapping U.S. and international privacy and regulatory frameworks as they look to leverage these assets to better compete in an evolving business landscape.

Our lawyers have worked on some of the industry’s most sophisticated and complex targeted advertising campaigns and data-sharing agreements. From mobile applications and location technology to programmatic buying and cross-device tracking, we partner with our clients to define — and redefine — the leading edge in this fast-growing area.

We negotiate contracts with demand- and supply-side platforms (DSPs and SSPs), data management platforms (DMPs), ad servers, data analytics providers, publishers, and others in the digital ecosystem. These deals span all categories — from straight data licensing, programmatic buying and master services arrangements to multiyear partnerships involving data optimization, targeting, ad content and development.

We also work with marketers to embrace opportunities and navigate challenges presented by artificial intelligence, machine learning and automated processing.

Many members of our team have rich technology backgrounds that they bring to bear in client counseling and negotiations. We understand how the platforms and products work, the issues attendant to different data sets, and the rights of the various players in all scenarios.

Together with Loeb’s deep experience in the full spectrum of traditional advertising and privacy law, we offer technology-focused, practical and business-minded guidance to help our clients succeed in today’s digital marketplace.

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