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Loeb & Loeb LLP Receives Cabrini Green Legal Aid’s 2019 Spirit of Generosity Award

Loeb & Loeb is proud to announce that Cabrini Green Legal Aid (CGLA) has honored the firm with its 2019 Spirit of Generosity Award. Loeb was recognized for giving justice a voice through our continued partnership and collaboration with the organization’s Criminal Records Desk. Loeb will receive the award at CGLA’s “I Am Somebody” Annual Benefit.

CGLA’s Criminal Records Desk is a program for pro bono lawyers to assist individuals expunging or sealing their criminal records. At the Criminal Records Desk, our lawyers consult with individuals about their criminal record, providing helpful guidance on what is eligible to be expunged, sealed, and/or addressed with other forms of criminal records relief. Our Loeb volunteers help complete petitions for sealing and expungement and provide instructions on filing the petitions with the county clerk.

Under Illinois state law, where CGLA operates, various crimes are eligible for criminal record expungement or sealing, based on the type of infraction and completing required probations or restitutions. Criminal record expungement and sealing is an important step in helping individuals secure employment and housing, and it increases their odds of being approved for a mortgage or a credit card. These types of relief can offer an individual a fresh start and a chance of a better future.

Since the firm began its work with CGLA in 2018, 13 Loeb lawyers have spent nearly 650 hours assisting clients at the Criminal Records Desk, and we are proud to continue our partnership.