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Estate Planning for Private Equity & Hedge Fund Managers


As new iterations of private equity, venture capital and hedge funds launch, new generations of principals must find sophisticated and effective strategies to preserve and pass on as much of their wealth as possible to their heirs.

Recognized as leading practitioners in wealth management and estate planning for private equity, venture capital and hedge fund managers, Loeb Trusts and Estates lawyers partner with fund principals to develop and implement tax-efficient wealth preservation and transfer techniques at every stage of the fund life cycle, from formation through liquidity events.

Our fluency in the structure and intricacies of each kind of fund allows us to work at the complex intersection of the estate, gift and income tax rules and the securities law constraints that apply to transfers of fund interests, including the “vertical slice rules.”

We’ve pioneered sophisticated and innovative techniques to help clients transfer economic interests — whether capital interests, carried interests or synthetic capital — that fit the economics of the funds and the unique personal goals of the indivdual. And we work with appraisers on the valuation of fund interests and review appraisal reports to make sure they will withstand IRS scrutiny.

Our practitioners devise mechanisms for clients to reverse or cap previous estate planning involving fund interests to accommodate new business, family or tax circumstances.

Loeb lawyers also assist firms in restructuring their fund management arrangements, advising on alternatives to facilitate future estate planning.

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