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1909 - 2019 | Celebrating Our 110th Anniversary

Where were we in 1909? Just beginning. Two brothers in Los Angeles who decided to start a law firm together rather than join the family grocery business. It was an interesting time. The LA entertainment industry was just starting to emerge. Over the next decade, the city would see a flood of actors, directors and producers — all hoping to catch their big break. We, too, were chasing the dream.

From the start, we were connecting people, ideas and opportunities, first as pioneers in entertainment law and then as innovators across a diverse range of industries. Now, 110 years later, our connections run deeper than ever. We’re forging lasting ties all over the globe in ways our founders couldn’t have imagined. And there’s no limit in sight.

We strive to ensure that our people feel supported and encouraged to grow, and that our clients experience an unmatched level of service. Our culture keeps us grounded in Loeb’s rich heritage. From brothers to partners, our firm remains family. And we’re always looking ahead at what’s next, together.

Our history tells us it’s in our DNA to seek connectedness with each other, with our clients and with our communities. Our forward thinking and connected approach have made Loeb the firm it is today. And this same spirit will propel us through the next 110 years as we continue to build on the past, embrace the future and realize our collective vision.

We will be sharing stories from colleagues who have been a part of Loeb’s history in recent decades. We hope you will join us in commemorating this milestone and enjoy each installment of our Anniversary Q&A series.

Doug Masters

Maria Bernal

Laurie Ruckel 110 Year Anniversary

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