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1909-2019 | Celebrating Our 110th Anniversary: A Conversation with Laurie Ruckel

Laurie Ruckel 110 Year Anniversary

You have spent virtually your entire professional career at the firm. What has motivated you to stay and grow your practice at Loeb all these years, and to become part of firm leadership?

There’s an excitement in working at a firm with incredible people and great legal minds. Because I focus on trusts and estates, it’s critical for me to work with people who are pragmatic and problem solvers. I’ve had the opportunity to work with wonderful people over the years. We spend so many hours at the office that I don’t think I could stay at a firm where I wasn’t able to build these personal connections. Our people are one of the firm’s strongest assets and one of the reasons I’m proud to have spent so much of my career here. And when I say our people, I mean everyone at the firm, regardless of tenure, level or role. There is a team-oriented atmosphere here that is important to me, and I believe it’s part of my role to help foster it. It’s also one of the reasons why I am excited to be a part of firm leadership. 

You serve as managing partner of the firm’s New York office. Is that something you imagined decades ago as an associate at the firm, or even as a more junior partner? 

I didn’t imagine it the day before Ken asked me to be the managing partner of the New York office! But that’s one great part of Loeb — the firm provides opportunities to grow our careers and practices in ways we might not imagine and in ways that put us in a position to have a real impact. I am honored to be part of such a great leadership team, and especially proud to be part of our team of women leaders. We have some amazing women who are heading practice groups, offices and/or serving on our board, in addition to other firmwide leadership roles. Together in management, we’ve made great progress in important areas such as diversity and inclusion. We understand that a diverse firm environment fosters differing views that inure to our clients’ benefits. I also view management, in part, as stewards for our future generations. Loeb has shaped me in many ways professionally, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to participate in shaping the future for the next generation.

You've been with the firm through some significant periods of growth and change. What's one thing about the firm that you are happy has remained the same during this time?

When I was a junior associate, Loeb was a smaller firm with two offices. Over the years, I’ve witnessed the firm go through periods of significant change. We’ve thrived throughout these periods because we have remained committed to our values. We know who we are and the kind of firm we want to be. We are a collaborative culture — we know that working together provides the greatest benefit to our clients.

What excites you about the future at Loeb?

I’m optimistic about Loeb’s future. As we move forward, we continue to grow in a purposeful manner — never just growing for growth’s sake. We remain committed to the firm’s core values, and I think that has contributed to our success. We’re on an exciting trajectory, and I think it’s only going to get better.