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2022 China Youth Arbitration Forum

Loeb & Loeb LLP is proud to announce that partner, Terence Wong will be speaking during the 2022 China Youth Arbitration Forum (中国青年仲裁论坛) on September 8, 2022 on the panel “Parties and Attorneys and Arbitrator Candidates: Scenarios and Commentary (当事人及代理律师与候选仲裁员: 情景模拟与问题点评)”.

From the event website:
One of the most important strategic decisions to be made by parties in an arbitration is the selection of arbitrators. While parties in court proceedings cannot choose the judges, parties in international arbitration may choose the arbitrators. Before making the choice, the parties in the arbitration as well as their attorneys may interview a prospective arbitrator, instead of relying solely on publicly available information and personal recommendations. While on the one hand it is important to ensure that the parties are free to ask questions to assist in the selection process, on the other hand the questions should be neutral and general in nature (eg past experience, expertise, availability, language capability) and should not create an appearance of bias or lack of independence (eg questions regarding specific facts or circumstances giving rise to the dispute, the arguments of the parties, the merits of the case).