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Loeb & Loeb Helps Reunite Asylum Seeker Separated from Daughter

July 27, 2018
Announcements/Press Releases

Loeb & Loeb LLP is pleased to announce that the firm secured an important victory for a pro bono client who entered the United States with her daughter in May as undocumented immigrants, fleeing extortion and violence perpetrated by the Barrio 18 gang in Honduras.  A team of attorneys from Loeb & Loeb successfully represented the client in a bond hearing in an Immigration Court in Aurora, Colorado, after which the client was released from the custody of the Department of Homeland Security under the minimum possible bond amount.  The Loeb & Loeb team then facilitated efforts to reunite the mother with her daughter, who had been separated from her pursuant to the controversial “Zero Tolerance” policy that the commissioner of Customs and Border Protection suspended in June.  

The 31 year-old mother, a native of Honduras, escaped because of escalating gang threats and violence in her village, which caused her to become increasingly fearful that the gang would target her 9-year-old daughter.  Government officials separated Loeb’s client from her daughter four days after they crossed the border.  The mother was held at a Denver detention facility and her daughter was transferred to a children’s shelter in Texas.

The Loeb team of Erin Smith Dennis, Sara Slavin, Evan Farber and Jaszick Maldonado, who served as the translator, handled the bond hearing on very short notice and secured the bond to enable the client to be released from detention and successfully reunited with her child.