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At Loeb & Loeb, we understand that navigating the sensitive issues arising from guardianship matters can be one of the hardest challenges a family faces, and we take pride in serving as trusted advisors guiding our clients through this process.

Drawing on our extensive probate court experience and our background as one of the largest and most distinguished private client practices in the country, our team is uniquely situated to provide support in all stages of guardianship matters. Whether you are looking for a creative solution outside of court or litigating a contested guardianship trial to completion, our goal is to allow our clients to focus on what is most important—a child-centered approach to safeguarding the future of the minor and family.

Our experience includes securing guardianship for extended family members in emergency and temporary guardianships, putting private fiduciaries in place to navigate hotly contested intra-family custody and visitation disputes within the guardianship context, and terminating guardianships for parents when appropriate for the minor child. 

We approach every matter with a focus on the psychology, privacy and interpersonal dynamics at issue. We believe this is the only way to offer effective, child-centered counsel in these deeply personal matters.

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