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In the Know: Guardianships in California

In most families, parents are able to look after their children. But sometimes another person is needed to step in and take over some or all of the care of a minor child. In California, guardianship is the legal process through which a court gives the authority and responsibility to care for a child to someone other than a parent, or to a parent or other fiduciary to manage non-trust assets until the child turns 18. While the reasons for guardianship vary, the goal is the same: ensuring the child has a safe and secure childhood and future.

The process often requires families to navigate deeply private and potentially painful situations, emotionally charged interpersonal dynamics, delicate negotiations, or complicated legal and court proceedings. Loeb & Loeb’s Guardianship team can help. To learn more, check out the next episode of our In the Know series, “Guardianships in California,” narrated by Gabrielle Vidal, chair of Loeb’s Guardianship practice.