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More essential than ever in providing needed services of all kinds, today’s nonprofit organizations operate in an environment that is both dynamic and complex, with shifting regulatory and tax frameworks, increased demand, and technology impacting how they operate, raise funds and serve their constituencies.

Nonprofits require all the same types of legal advice that for-profit entities do, but with some additional nuances and considerations. Loeb & Loeb’s dedicated team can help.

Our clients have the advantage of working directly with former high-ranking government officials who were instrumental in developing key aspects of the modern nonprofit regulatory framework, and who have experience with the IRS’ excess benefit/executive compensation regulations known as “intermediate sanctions,” New York’s Nonprofit Revitalization Act and key sections of New York’s statute governing endowment spending. Our team has had the benefit of being involved in transactions from all sides. This, coupled with our unique lens that comes only from having former federal and state government officials on our team, means we can help our clients not only navigate the current climate but also see around the next corner.

Our distinguished team helps nonprofit organizations grow and succeed in the face of increasing regulatory and marketplace challenges.

At Loeb, we’re dedicated to serving the nonprofit industry, with practitioners across disciplines who have matter-related experience at the ready. Whether the issue at hand is regulatory, transactional or disputes-oriented, we have our clients covered.

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