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Loeb Co-Chairs Eye Strategic Growth

Loeb & Loeb co-chairs Mitchell Nussbaum and Arash Khalili are featured in Law360 discussing their vision for the firm with a focus on maintaining culture, supporting strategic growth, increasing profitability and encouraging diversity.

“One important thing for this firm is to continue to maintain and build on the culture of the firm. Our other mandate, obviously, is to strategically grow the firm,” said Mitchell. ”Not grow for the sake of growing, but to do it in ways that are accretive to our core areas, and obviously increasing profitability and productivity. And we want to further define our marketing strategy as well as encourage diversity.”

Arash adds, “Part of that is continuing to develop, recruit and retain exceptional, quality lawyers as the firm has done historically, while maintaining what has been the driver for Loeb, which is quality and excellence of lawyers. We're also looking at our geographic footprint and assessing what markets make the most sense for Loeb from a strategic and synergistic perspective.”

To read the full article, please visit Law360’s website.