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Could Selling Taylor Swift Merchandise Open You Up To A Trademark Infringement Lawsuit?

Douglas Masters, managing partner of Loeb & Loeb’s Chicago office, was quoted in USA Today discussing the legal challenges and considerations that artists such as Taylor Swift face when dealing with intellectual property issues, especially those related to fan-made or “inspired” consumer goods that may blur trademark rights. 

In a comment to the publication, Douglas emphasizes the importance of strategically choosing cases that protect an artist’s rights without risking negative publicity. “Most of the times, artists go after things that copy directly, that are essentially counterfeit. There’s a line. You don’t have to go after everything. You have to make sure you go after enough stuff so you don’t lose your rights. But sometimes, the fact that people are out there doing stuff just creates buzz around you,” Douglas said.

To read the full article, visit USA Today’s website.