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Miramax Beats Photographer's 'Pulp Fiction' Poster Fight for Good

Loeb Litigation partner John Gatti is quoted in a Law360 article discussing U.S. District Judge Mark Scarsi’s ruling in the Firooz Zahedi v. Miramax, LLC, et al., case to dismiss photographer Firooz Zahedi’s copyright suit against global film and television studio Miramax. 

According to the article, in an order issued on August 19, 2022, Judge Scarsi dismissed Zahedi's infringement litigation against Miramax by deeming that the suit is barred by a three-year statute of limitations due to Zaehdi’s knowledge of "Miramax's plain and express repudiation of his ownership” in 2015.

John, who represented Miramax in the matter along with Loeb Litigation partner Lauren Fried, expressed that the entertainment giant is "not surprised by the well-reasoned recent court decision.”

“The dismissal with prejudice of [the] plaintiff's entire case against Miramax is based on undisputed facts and well-established legal authority,” John told Law360.

The complaint filed by Miramax further supported Judge Scarsi’s ruling that the plaintiff had failed to bring suit to assert his ownership rights. "In the years since the film's release, Mr. Zahedi's photograph has become iconic, and Miramax has sold and licensed the sale of untold thousands of consumer products bearing the photograph without any license from Mr. Zahedi in direct violation of his intellectual property rights," John argued in the complaint.

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