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Six Business Risks of Shortchanging AI Ethics and Governance

Kenneth Adler, chair of Loeb & Loeb’s Technology & Sourcing practice, is quoted in an article published by CIO discussing the ramifications that enterprises could face when deploying artificial intelligence (AI), particularly if there’s a lack of adequate attention to AI governance, ethics and evolving regulations. According to the publication, choosing to disregard these factors can generate public backlash and create costly outcomes.

“Bad publicity is one of the biggest fears companies have when it comes to AI projects,” Ken told CIO.

Several high-profile technology companies have had public relation disasters land on front pages, usually because AI software platforms were launched publicly without sufficient data governance and led to the AI software producing derogatory and discriminative messages toward various populations.

Ken noted that such companies are “concerned about implementing a solution that, unbeknownst to them, has built-in bias,” adding that, “It could be anything — racial, ethnic, gender.”

To read the full article, please visit CIO’s website.