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Appearing Before NAD - Ten Practitioner's Tips

The National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Council of Better Business Bureaus is a forum where companies can challenge competitors’ claims made in national advertising. (NAD also monitors advertising and can initiate a proceeding on its own.) And although the NAD procedure for resolving disputes is less costly, faster and less complicated than litigation in state or federal court, there are nuances and rules that are important for practitioners to understand. In this article, author Terri Seligman shares Ten Tips that may help you decide whether or not to participate in an NAD proceeding and, if you do, help you prepare for such a proceeding.

© Copyright 2008 JLCom Publishing Co., L.L.C.  This article first appeared in the August 4, 2008 edition of Advertising Compliance Service. Permission for aritcle reprint has been granted.