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Arthur Yuan

Arthur T. Yuan

Senior Counsel
T: 312.464.3152 | F: 312.896.9469


Arthur Yuan has nearly 15 years of experience in intellectual property law, focusing on patent and trademark prosecution and counseling for international corporations doing business in the U.S., China and Taiwan. A native speaker of Mandarin Chinese, he advises clients on both Chinese and U.S. IP laws and general business practices. 

With a background in computer science, Mr. Yuan provides counsel on patentable technologies relating to business methods, electronic commerce, FinTech, electronics, software and computer operating systems, media processing, telecommunication systems, search engines and database structures. He has also worked with business management applications, data security and electronic medical devices, mobile devices, social networks, web mash-up programming and satellite transmission systems. 

Mr. Yuan has experience litigating patent disputes, including helping a Taiwan-based corporation secure a favorable settlement in an ex parte reexamination proceeding in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and assisted the same client in avoiding a trademark lawsuit threatened by a Fortune 200 corporation. Mr. Yuan has also represented other clients in covered business method proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB).

Mr. Yuan has served as the executive director/director of the John Marshall Law School’s Chinese Intellectual Property Resource Center since 2010. The school has longstanding ties to many Chinese and Taiwanese government entities responsible for IP law and, as such, Mr. Yuan has managed and coordinated conferences and educational training programs for the USPTO, U.S. federal courts, the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), the Judicial Yuan of ROC, and other Chinese delegations. As director of the school’s IP Patent Clinic, Mr. Yuan frequently counsels individual inventors on their innovations and assists them in obtaining patents before the USPTO on a pro bono basis. 

“In addition to helping clients protect and defend their IP assets, I enjoy teaching and mentoring law students, organizing training programs for constituents in Greater China and the U.S., and helping to foster mutual understanding of the differences in these IP systems.”

Outside of the law, Mr. Yuan is an avid volleyball player and an aspiring Chinese calligraphist. He also has a passion for cooking, a quality that runs in his family across generations. Mr. Yuan is a descendant of Hongdao Yuan, co-founder of the 400-year old Chinese poetry style “Gong’an school.”