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Top Female Executives Say Even Bosses Need Mentors—Here’s Where to Find Them

Anne Kennedy McGuire, chair of Loeb & Loeb’s Podcast industry practice, served as a panelist at the The Wrap’s “How to Be a Boss: Dealmakers, Deciders, Disruptors” talk on December 4, 2023, at the Power Women Summit. During the panel, which was recapped in an article published by The Wrap, the speakers emphasized the importance of mentorship in advancing in management, noting that mentorship can take various forms.

In particular, Anne discussed the differences between a “sponsor” and a “mentor.” 

“I think I probably have several mentors, who I look for in different aspects of my career—at my firm, outside of my firm, at production companies—who give great advice and who I go to bounce ideas off of, and then there’s sponsors at my firm who are saying my name in rooms where I can’t be at—that either I’m not in or that I haven’t gotten to yet,” Anne said during the talk. “And I think also being a boss, I seek to be a sponsor for the women and other people at my firm where I can now say their name and rooms that they can’t be in. So I think it’s important to have both and understand the difference between those as you’re coming up.”

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