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Partner Jerry Levine Receives 2023 Cornerstone Award from Lawyers Alliance for New York

Loeb & Loeb is pleased to announce that Trusts & Estates partner Jerry Levine has been selected by Lawyers Alliance for New York as a recipient of its 2023 Cornerstone Awards for providing outstanding pro bono advice on trust and estate issues to the nonprofit legal aid organization and its clients. Jerry and his fellow recipients were honored at the Lawyers Alliance’s 2023 Cornerstone Awards ceremony on November 2.

In an accompanying profile, Jerry is commended for his unwavering commitment to offering pro bono aid to a handful of organizations. This includes SAGE, the nation's foremost and longest-standing organization focused on enhancing the well-being of LGBTQ+ adults, and Children's Defense Fund – New York, a nonprofit devoted to bettering the lives of children. The profile specifically highlights his efforts in guiding junior lawyers and assisting pro bono clients in navigating intricate trusts and estates issues, solidifying his reputation as a fervent and outstanding pro bono leader.

When asked to recount a memorable or surprising moment from his pro bono work with Lawyers Alliance, Jerry recalled, “It was both unexpected and fun to find out the complexity of the estate situations which Lawyers Alliance referred to me. When I volunteered to work with SAGE, I expected to find situations I had considered before. It turned out in both cases that the representations presented unusual facts which required novel solutions. They gave us valuable learning experiences and the opportunity to fashion creative approaches for the client.”

Lawyers Alliance for New York is the leading provider of business and transactional legal services for nonprofit organizations and social enterprises that are improving the quality of life in New York City neighborhoods. Since 1997, Lawyers Alliance has presented Cornerstone Awards annually to a select group of individuals and institutions that have made extraordinary contributions through pro bono legal services. These services help nonprofits to address critical human needs and improve the quality of life for thousands of low-income New Yorkers. 

To read Jerry's full profile, please visit Lawyers Alliance’s website.