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Two Words in the New DGA Contract Have Some Members Worried About AI

Ivy Kagan Bierman, chair of Loeb & Loeb’s Entertainment Labor practice, is quoted in an article published by TheWrap discussing the Directors Guild of America’s proposed negotiated protections regarding AI use based on the phrase: “without consultation.”

In a statement to the publication, Ivy commented that the definition of “consultation” is more legally binding than a requirement to simply notify a hired director of creative changes with regards to AI. “In the entertainment industry, there is a recognition that when an agreement calls for consultation, the expectation is that it is meaningful consultation, not just a notice," Ivy said. She went on to add, “To the extent that any company were to simply notify a director about the intent to use AI in connection with a creative element change rather than give them a true opportunity to discuss those changes, the DGA could file a grievance.”

Read the full article on TheWrap’s website (subscription required).