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After Rules Shake-Up, Albright Remains the Top Patent Judge

Brent Babcock, chair of Loeb & Loeb’s PTAB Trials practice, is quoted in an article published by Law360 discussing U.S. District Judge Allan Albright of the Western District of Texas, who has received more patent cases in 2022 than any other judge, and the district’s top spot as the nation’s busiest patent venue.  

According to the article, the district implemented new rules in July 2022 that randomly distribute many patent cases among its 11 judges. “The other judges in the Western District of Texas have limited patent experience, and if they turn out to have an approach that is not as appealing to plaintiffs as Judge Albright's, that could become a significant factor in filing decisions,” Brent told the publication. 

"Lawyers and clients are risk averse, so if you see a judge who is going to toss your case quickly or has a propensity to find patents invalid, then I think that you're probably going to be more inclined to steer clear, or at least think about other options and look at other districts more carefully," he added. 

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