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Masimo Prevails Over Apple at ITC Over a Single Patent, But More Action Pending

Loeb Patent Litigation partner Ryan Hagglund is quoted in an article published by BioWorld MedTech discussing a patent litigation dispute adjudicated by the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) between Apple Inc. and Masimo Corp. 

According to the publication, the ITC ruling on January 10th is related to patents for the Masimo W1 health watch and the Applewatch and confirms an initial determination that Apple infringed several claims in Masimo’s 10,945,648 patent. Discussing the litigation, Ryan commented “this is a tremendously complex, long-running dispute.”
He went on to add that the two sides have litigation pending in the Central District of California related to trade secret claims, and that while another 10 Masimo patents were invalidated via an IPR proceeding, those outcomes are on appeal. Apple has in turn sued Masimo in relation to other patents, thereby making this a series of actions that are likely to need the entirety of 2023 and longer to unwind.

Read the full article on the BioWorld MedTech’s website (subscription required).