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Music Royalties Sing Sweet Tune To Deal Makers Despite Economic Headwinds

Loeb Music Industry chair John Frankenheimer is quoted in an article published by MarketWatch discussing the increase of music-royalty transactions, as the music-streaming business continues to grow despite inflation and uncertainty in the financial world.

“This is a real industry that has the attention of the financial community and the investing public,” John told the publication. He went on to add, “It creates a foundation that allows people to continue to build, and it’s still driven by creativity and ingenuity.”
According to the article, John was fundamental in helping to bring together Wall Street and the music business, which led to more commonality and deals being made. “I can remember sitting on panels debating the future of the music business with file sharing,” John said. “We pointed toward streaming as a potential path and no one was interested. It was completely contradictory to what the music industry did for 50 years.”

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