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LULAC in Turmoil, as Two Groups Claim Control of Oldest Hispanic Civil Rights Organization

Loeb Nonprofits & Tax Exempt Organizations partner Marcus Owens is quoted in an article published by The Dallas Morning News discussing the two factions of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) that are claiming administrative control of the nation’s oldest Hispanic civil rights organization.

According to the article, both factions have sent press releases claiming to be the legitimate and legal representatives of the organization. “They probably feel they are each in the right and that’s the kind of dispute that ends up in court,” Marcus told the publication. Marcus added that a court typically looks at the organization’s bylaws for board election and replacement procedures, conducting meetings and maintaining records.

Marcus went on to explain that depending on the state in which LULAC is incorporated and how it classifies nonprofits versus charities, the state attorney general could be asked to decide leadership or take action. In some situations, attorney generals had asked the court to appoint an entirely new board through the court, or a board has been able to establish a stronger legal claim. In other instances, Marcus said the organization could be dissolved entirely or split into two versions.

To read the full article, please visit The Dallas Morning News’ website (subscription required).