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Executive at a Texas Foster Placement Agency Kept Job Despite Sex Abuse Allegation

Loeb Nonprofits & Tax Exempt Organizations partner Marcus Owens is quoted in an article published by KERA News discussing sexual assault allegations made against an executive at Texas Foster Care & Adoption Services in June 2022 and the employer’s delayed action.

According to the article, the foster placement agency had kept on the executive past the stated termination date. The agency’s 2020 filings of tax returns also did not indicate Karen Perez, who claimed to be the chief executive officer on LinkedIn. In regard to Perez’s absence from the documents, Marcus told the publication that the omission was a red flag to the IRS and could trigger an audit.

“It’s like listing people who aren’t your child as a dependent on your 1040. It’s in that category, like listing your dog,” Marcus added.

Click here to read the full article on KERA News’ website.