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Outsourcing, Automation and Innovation Seminar Series (OAISS) Chicago

Loeb & Loeb LLP is proud to sponsor and host the Outsourcing, Automation and Innovation Seminar Series (OAISS) where partner, Ken Adler will be speaking.

Schedule and panel information will be provided once available.

From the event website:

Fasten ​your ​seat ​belts....2016 ​promises ​to ​be ​a ​pivotal ​ year ​for ​the ​sourcing ​marketplace ​as ​transformational ​Digital ​ and ​Automation ​technology ​both ​disrupt ​and ​enable ​industries ​ across ​the ​globe. ​We ​are ​standing ​on ​the ​threshold ​— ​ witnessing ​the ​move ​from ​hype ​to ​reality ​as ​advances ​in ​ emerging ​technologies ​converge ​to ​create ​a ​suite ​of ​services ​ and ​capabilities ​that ​has ​the ​potential ​to ​change ​business, ​ accelerate ​business ​outcomes, ​reduce ​cost, ​create ​new ​revenue ​ opportunities ​and ​completely ​redefine ​how ​work ​gets ​done. ​ ​ Many ​outsourcing ​clients ​and ​service ​providers ​are ​scrambling ​ to ​catch ​up ​with ​these ​changes. ​ ​The ​next ​12-18 ​months ​are ​ crucial, ​and ​that ​window ​is ​closing ​quickly. ​ ​Industry ​ mindshare ​and ​market ​share ​are ​at ​stake ​and ​the ​old ​ways ​of ​ solving ​business ​problems ​are ​fading ​quickly. ​

For additional information, including how to register, please visit the event website.