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2016 ANA Advertising Law & Public Policy Conference

Loeb & Loeb LLP is proud to sponsor the 2016 ANA Advertising Law & Public Policy Conference: Your Future at the Intersection of Law and Technology, where partner Nate Hole will be speaking on a panel titled, "Buzz For Your Brand: How to Run an Influencer Campaign."

From the event website:

Today’s proposition for lawyers and regulators is simple. You must get up to speed on technology and the resulting change in the legal landscape or be a relic of the past.  While no one is yet riding around on hoverboards, there are new technologies that were unimaginable just a decade or so ago that make old stories of the Internet and smartphones. Connected televisions, robots, wearable tech, and drones have taken the world by storm. Spinning off of that technology are 21st century algorithms used in programmatic buying (and the resulting lack of transparency), challenges posed by piracy and non-human traffic, standards for viewability in digital media, regulatory scrutiny of native advertising, safe harbors, and much more. Can the regulatory and self-regulatory framework developed in the traditional media world evolve to adjust to this new reality? Are you prepared for what lies ahead? This conference, now in its twelfth year, will arm you with critical knowledge you need to know at the highest of levels and offers opportunities to network with your peers and leaders in the regulatory arena. Welcome to today’s “adapt or die” world.  

For more information, including how to register, please visit the conference website.