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The Outsourcing Institute BPO Innovations Conference 2015

Loeb & Loeb LLP is proud to sponsor the BPO Innovations Conference 2015 where partners Ken Adler and Akiba Stern will both participate in panels during the conference.

From the conference website:
“Driving Transformation and Business Value through BPO Innovation”

Business process outsourcing was once a strict cost-savings play delivered within the confines of contractual requirements. Today, buyers demand more from their BPO engagements. This leaves both sides – buyers and providers – to negotiate new ways to drive value and derive results from each contract.

Outsourcing Institute’s BPO Innovations Conference will help buyers and providers alike discover how to create powerful, win/win results from every deal.

Packed with roundtable and panel presentations, breakout sessions, case studies and compelling keynote speakers, the BPOI Conference shows attendees that innovation – constant, holistic, forward-thinking innovation – can deliver sustained, long-term improvement and bottom-line results.