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Understanding Commercial General Liability Insurance LIVE Webcast

Loeb & Loeb LLP is pleased to announce that partner Jerry S. Phillips will be speaking on The Knowledge Group's live webcast titled, "Understanding Commercial General Liability Insurance." 

From webcast website:
Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGLI) protects small-business owners from claims of injury, property damage, and negligence related to their business activities. Many clients, particularly in services, require small businesses to have Commercial General Liability insurance before signing a contract. Today, understanding the need for and uses of CGLI is central to running a business and minimizing the risk of law suits.
In this two-hour LIVE CLE webcast, a panel of distinguished experts and thought leaders, assembled by The Knowledge Group, will help businesses, legal counsel, and others understand the importance of CGLI to any business. Speakers also will offer best practices in ensuring compliance with insurance regulations.
Some of the major topics that will be covered in this course are:
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance
  • Significance, Risks, Benefits and Drawbacks
  • Policies Coverage and Exclusions
  • Costs
  • Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) Requirements
  • Compliance Strategies and Risk Mitigation
  • Litigation for Non- Compliance