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Representing the Games Industry Client 2012

Loeb & Loeb LLP is pleased to announce that Nerissa Coyle McGinn will speak at the Practising Law Institute seminar, "Representing the Games Industry Client 2012."

From the program website:

The videogame industry has emerged as a leader in home entertainment, rivaling recorded music, television and motion pictures for the consumer entertainment mindshare. Intellectual property, including videogames, has become one of America’s leading exports in the 21st Century. The emergence of the Internet, Facebook and other social platforms and destinations, Apple iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and other digital delivery vehicles, and the explosive growth of casual and social gaming, have broadened the reach and audiences for games far beyond videogame consoles and personal computers. This course will give the intellectual property, corporate, litigation or in-house attorney a broad overview of the business and legal issues in the interactive entertainment industry.

Topics include:

  • Understanding and negotiating key IP issues
  • Licensing developer “tools and tech” - how far should rights granted to a game publisher extend?
  • Monetizing games - a developer’s and a publisher’s view of the issue
  • Contests and promotions - what is legal and what is not?
  • Data security - what is required? Making sure you’re in compliance with the law
  • User-generated content: applying the DMCA “safe harbor” provisions to user-generated games content
  • Financing game development and distribution - methods and strategies to raise or source capital for game development and publishing