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Leaving Your Mark® On Social Media?

The webinar slides are available for download below.

Social media networks are expanding exponentially each day, and the policies and rules that govern them seem to change almost as frequently. Brand owners face challenges in promoting and protecting their names and brands in this new virtual space. Intellectual property policies adopted by social media sites are not always congruent with protections afforded to IP owners under applicable laws and regulations. On the flip side, traditional IP laws and enforcement strategies do not always adequately address all the harms of which brand owners complain in connection with social media networks.

Join Loeb & Loeb LLP attorneys David W. Grace and Douglas N. Masters, partners and co-chairs of the Intellectual Property Protection Practice Group, and Melanie J. Howard, senior counsel in the Intellectual Property Protection Practice Group, for a look at these issues and some practical recommendations for how to protect your brand and tailor your enforcement strategies to address the unique challenges presented by social media networks.