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Billboard FutureSound

Loeb & Loeb LLP is proud to sponsor the Billboard FutureSound, Moving Forward: Music. Tech. Money. 

From the conference website:

For all the attention paid to the differences between the music developer and rights-holder communities, it's easy to forget the one thing both share - a love of music.

The same passion that drives artists to create music is what drives developers to create applications and services. One uses notes, the other code. Yet there's no question that there are serious rifts between these communities. Debates over licensing, business models and even features dominate today's news, blogs and industry events.

Here, at Billboard's FutureSound, we will not spend our time pointing fingers, looking backwards or rehashing the same tired clichés. At FutureSound, the focus will be on finding solutions, common ground, and defining the future opportunity of the digital music market for the artist, entrepreneur and rights-holder alike. We will have both sides at the table and focus conversation with a goal towards results-oriented recommendations that Billboard will ultimately run as a cover story.

In addition to the conference, Billboard will also be inviting installations of next generation platforms and music products to create an exciting backdrop for the day's discussions. And FutureSound will close with an unparalleled music experience on the second night, consistent with the theme of the conference: who and what is next?