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PMA Integrated Marketing Boot Camp

Loeb & Loeb LLP is pleased to announce that senior counsel Nerissa Coyle McGinn will be speaking at the upcoming PMA Integrated Marketing Boot Camp. Nerissa will particpate in the session "Focus on Consumer Promotion-Coupons, Sweepstakes, Contests, Loyatly, etc."  

From the conference website:

This is the preeminent course for young industry professionals to learn the basics of Integrated Marketing and it’s below the line building blocks: Consumer Promotion, Digital and Shopper Marketing. Deep dive sessions include case studies from REGGIE Award winning campaigns and are taught by industry experts in the subject matter.

We’ve all heard the term "integrated marketing" and everyone says they’re doing it. But the reality is:

• it’s not well defined;
• it’s fraught with budgetary, logistical and political complexity;
• and it’s incredibly tough to implement and manage.

Yet, it is how all marketing will be done in the future. There is no turning back. Learn, or be lost!

Class graduates will understand where integrated marketing came from; why it’s important; what it really includes and the ultimate vision of what it could/should be and how to recognize the practical realities as well as learn tools and processes to manage IM.

Attendees will learn to discern the role promotion plays within integrated marketing; and understand the key components of promotion:

• promotion re-energized thru digital,
• the critical role of shopper marketing,
• smart coupon utilization, in print and on-line,
• legal must knows for all programs.