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An Associate's Experience

Paul Giangola, Loeb’s Chief Legal Talent Officer, describes the ways in which associates are given opportunities to drive their training and development at the firm. The sky is the limit for associates here at Loeb. With access to solid training opportunities, approachable partners and challenging work that stretches their abilities, associates are in control of their professional development. Paul says, “If you’re a junior associate and you are ready to take on a higher level of work, you can express that interest and not only will you be encouraged to do that, but you’ll be supported along the way.”

From leanly staffing matters, to our sophisticated training and individualized approach, Loeb’s associates are able to sharpen their skills at a much faster rate. Among the many opportunities available are the Loeb Institute, a competency-based curriculum intended to make our lawyers well-rounded practitioners, a mid-level career coaching program, and a business development training program for senior associates “I genuinely feel that our associates are not just a number. We put a lot of time and effort into each person.” Learn more about professional development for associates and senior counsel here.