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Brick by Brick

It was a Friday afternoon and Loeb & Loeb client NewHold Enterprises was about to seal a deal that would set the tone for the company’s new investment platform and propel it into the competitive limelight. Little did the company know that this defining moment would hang in the balance. An 11th-hour issue would put the deal on the verge of collapsing.
With the deal’s fate uncertain, Loeb & Loeb, intricately woven into the fabric of NewHold’s journey to that point, got to work. Loeb & Loeb’s involvement wasn’t just a matter of legal expertise; it was a testament to the partnership the firm had forged with the NewHold team since their very first meeting.

Over the next 48 hours, just as many hours were spent listening to and counseling the founders on the personal and professional impact of a failed deal at this stage as were spent restructuring certain portions of the deal. From the beginning, it was this understanding of the personal and professional impacts that made the NewHold-Loeb & Loeb relationship unique.

In those early days, NewHold’s “headquarters” was oftentimes a conference room in Loeb & Loeb’s New York offices. NewHold’s principals had a vision that prioritized long-term partnerships with acquired entities, and they wanted the same from their law firm. Loeb & Loeb and NewHold spent countless of those early hours turning that vision into a reality and helping shape the story they wanted to tell potential partners.

Time that would later be spent helping NewHold close deal after deal was at first spent helping figure out how NewHold needed to structure those deals to best accomplish its practical business, corporate and tax goals.

We weren’t just working together; we were building something together. We were learning far more than just where legal support was needed. We learned motivations and goals, risks and challenges. We learned the business through the client’s eyes.

That’s exactly what got Loeb & Loeb and NewHold through that first deal.

When the deal hit a roadblock, Loeb & Loeb was able to quickly pivot, innovate and suggest creative solutions to navigate around the issue in a way that preserved NewHold’s value and vision.

That first deal set the tone. NewHold and Loeb & Loeb have only continued to build together. The partnership has resulted in four platform companies and over 10 follow-on acquisitions.

The relationship has expanded beyond the investment platform acquisitions. NewHold has also trusted Loeb & Loeb to explore new deal types, including advising on its first special purpose acquisition vehicle, which consummated a business combination with a global leader in weapons detection security screening that valued the newly combined entity at $1.3 billion.

Each new deal helped build NewHold’s platform and reputation as a leading investor in industrial and services companies. Each new deal also continued to strengthen and grow the partnership with Loeb & Loeb to include lawyers across the firm, advising on real estate, tax, executive compensation and other areas.

Brick by brick and deal by deal, Loeb & Loeb’s relationship with NewHold demonstrates that when you’re committed to building and growing together, partnership becomes a powerful tool for shaping success.