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States Move to Protect Minors Online With Patchwork of New Laws

After children spent two years online for everything from school to interacting with friends, many parents are concerned about the negative mental health effects of excessive online activity. Congress quickly picked up on the problem that the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act—the only national law protecting the privacy of children—was outdated and insufficient to protect children online.

At first, it appeared that Congress would fill COPPA’s legal gaps by passing updated children’s privacy legislation—following a year and a half of missteps despite bipartisan support. In response, the states and the Federal Trade Commission have taken matters into their own hands and have started to shape the future of children’s privacy with a patchwork of laws and enforcement actions.

In this Bloomberg Law article, Advanced Media & Technology partner Nerissa Coyle McGinn discusses child data privacy laws across states, with a look at where new legislation is emerging and Federal Trade Commission priorities to protect minors online.

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