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Outsourcing: U.S., Outsourcing: The Law and Leading Lawyers Worldwide

This article is intended to provide lawyers who practice outside the United States with an understanding of the business and legal considerations inherent in outsourcing transactions. It describes the terms typically contained in an outsourcing agreement, business and legal concerns relating to employees and data, and a brief overview of laws that apply to outsourcing transactions.
Kenneth Adler is a partner and chair of the Technology and Outsourcing Practice Group and is based in the New York office at 212.407.4284. Akiba Stern, also in the New York office, is a partner in the Technology and Outsourcing Practice Group. Mr. Stern can be reached at 212.407.4235.

© This article was first published in the Outsourcing multi-jurisdictional guide 2012/13 and is reproduced with the permission of the publisher, Practical Law Company.