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Acquisitions by Chinese Companies in the United States: The Case for Moving Forward Now

An accelerating number of Chinese companies are engaging in acquisitions and control investments, joint ventures and start-ups in the United States to carry out certain of their strategic goals and take advantage of attractive opportunities. It is generally understood that a large number of other Chinese companies are also considering doing so, in each case of course for their own purposes. Although the appropriate U.S. transaction for any particular Chinese company may satisfy strategic objectives and offer attractive opportunities, some Chinese companies hesitate to proceed for various reasons, including a lack of relevant knowledge and experience in doing deals in the U.S., the lack of relationships with experienced attorneys and other advisors in this area as well as concerns regarding the U.S. transaction process and whether there is any potential adverse impact under U.S. law on the non-U.S. business of the Chinese company.

In this article, published on, Andrew Ross, partner and Chair of the Mergers and Acquisitions Practice Group at Loeb & Loeb LLP, discusses various business and legal issues regarding Chinese deals in the United States, demonstrating the opportunities that such transactions offer for Chinese companies, as well as legal considerations that Chinese companies should consider.

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