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The Anti-Piracy Landscape in the Motion Picture Industry: A Many Pronged Attack

While what some in the industry call “viral video” sites (YouTube, DailyMotion, Veoh, etc.) have garnered significant press and attention in recent months, even content owners find themselves on different sides of the debate as to how unauthorized copyrighted content on such sites should be handled, and addressing the piracy of motion pictures on these video hosting websites is just one challenge in the motion picture industry’s ongoing fight against piracy. On the one hand, the popularity of video hosting sites exemplifies the industry’s biggest challenge – keeping up with technology and the ever changing face of film piracy.

This article will focus on the numerous types of piracy and anti-piracy efforts.

This article first appeared in M/E Insights Vol. I Issue 4 Fall 2007. © 2007 M/E Insights, a publication of The Association of Media and Entertainment Counsel. Permission to use this reprint has been granted by the publisher.