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Hollywood Unions Have Built Unprecedented Power, Entertainment Lawyer Says: ‘Really Is a Time for Labor’

Ivy Kagan Bierman, chair of Loeb & Loeb’s Entertainment Labor practice, is featured in an article published by TheWrap, for moderating the discussion “Lessons from the 2023 Strike” during the TheGrill, an annual conference hosted by the publication. During the event, Ivy discusses the impact of the strikes in Hollywood and what it means for labor in the entertainment industry.

In the one-on-one discussion, Ivy is quoted commenting on the “unprecedented” power that the WGA and SAG-AFTRA have built for labor in the entertainment industry. “There are times when labor and management is almost equal, but this really is a time for labor, and it’s because of a movement that’s happening worldwide,” Ivy said.

To read the full article, please visit TheWrap’s website.