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Former California Governors Gray Davis and Pete Wilson Discuss Housing, Crime and More at Luskin Summit

Former California Governor and Loeb Of Counsel Gray Davis, along with former California Governor Pete Wilson, spoke at the closing session of Luskin Summit 2022: Research in Action on April 22, 2022, which was recapped in an article published on the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs’ website. In the session moderated by UCLA Blueprint Editor-in-Chief Jim Newton and titled “The State of California,” the former governors explored topics such as the economy and inflation, housing, environmental issues and rising crime.

During the panel, Governor Davis discussed his approach to public safety, acknowledging that while crime rates are on the rise, they are not “where they were in the ’90s when Pete Wilson and I were a governor.” He noted that an effective law enforcement program, coupled with a balanced approach, could be a key solution in taming crime.

“Police have to be part of the equation,” he said, recognizing past abuses by some officers. “Anyone who saw the video of the George Floyd murder knows it was appalling, not acceptable and should never happen again. But there are some common-sense reforms that I think most law enforcement agree with.”

“The police have to behave in a respectful way, treat people with dignity, in a way that commands respect,” he continued.

To read the full article, please visit the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs website.