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David Campos Says His Campaign Is Corporate-Free. What Does That Mean?

Loeb & Loeb Corporate associate Nick Warshaw is quoted in an article published by The San Francisco Standard discussing how David Campos, a politician and candidate for California’s 17th Assembly District, does not accept money from any corporation or LLC, taking only from individuals, labor unions and issue-based political organizations like political action committees. According to the publication, this move is a relatively unique strategy for a state Assembly race, where most California lawmakers are funded at least in part by corporate contributions.

However, Nick told The San Francisco Standard that Campos does accept money from corporate executives, which may be undermining his message.

“It literally makes him corporate-free but the question is: What is he trying to convey by not taking corporate money?” Nick said. “Usually people are saying the meaning is, ‘I’m not influenced by corporations.’ But if you’re being supported by an executive of that corporation, it’s a little bit more challenging of an argument to make.”

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