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Miriam Cohen Named Pioneer Icon in ABF Journal’s 2021 Industry Icons Issue

Loeb & Loeb is pleased to announce that Finance partner Miriam Cohen has been named a Pioneer Icon in ABF Journal’s 2021 Industry Icons list. This inaugural issue celebrates trailblazers, veterans and leaders who have made a positive impact within the financial sector. Miriam is one of only two lawyers honored with the Pioneer Icon award.

In an accompanying profile, Miriam is recognized for developing innovative and unique lending models, including lending against IP and to non-traditional industries for asset-based lending (ABL) like cannabis, music and performing arts. She is also noted for blazing her own impressive path in the industry, which has ultimately left a trail toward success for the next generation – especially for women.

“Women need to support [and mentor one another],” Miriam told ABF Journal. “They need to provide business to these women because as women, if we don't support other women, [our presence in the finance industry is] not going to grow. I'm very proud of the fact that ABL now has a lot more women involved and I think that growth needs to continue.”

In addition, Miriam is highlighted for her international impact and her assistance with the creation of the Export-Import Bank of the United States’ existing working capital guarantee program, which helped build a more favorable framework for lending on foreign receivables. Furthermore, she is lauded for consistently listening to and understanding the perspectives of each party in a financial transaction.

“I try to understand it from a lender's perspective and the borrower's perspective and I think that makes me more of an effective lawyer because I understand where both sides are coming from,” Miriam said. “I’m not afraid to tell them my view. I understand their business and it makes it so much easier to be able to give advice when you understand what's going on.”

To read Miriam’s full award profile, please visit ABF Journal’s website.