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How I Made Commercial Real Estate Leasing Chair: Q&A with Nichole Cortese of Loeb & Loeb

Loeb Commercial Real Estate Leasing chair Nichole Cortese is profiled in a Q&A by about her journey to partnership and her passion for real estate law.

In the article, Nichole discusses what led her to practice real estate law, and how she feels about her career now that she is a partner at the firm.

“Very early in my career, I was exposed to work in commercial real estate as I was assigned to supporting roles in leasing and subleasing transactions and mergers and acquisitions,” Nichole said. “I became interested in the ways in which attention to physical space serving a specific purpose can be integral to the success of a business, a building or a community.”

“Even prior to becoming a partner in 2014, I found my legal career to be both challenging and fulfilling…I am fortunate to work with a fantastic group of clients and colleagues, and above all else, becoming a partner, and later becoming the chair of the Commercial Real Estate Leasing group, was an affirmation of their trust and respect, which I continue to strive to earn and maintain each day.”

When questioned about what constitutes successful business development and how lawyers can continue professional growth given the current combination of remote work and in person meetings, Nichole stressed providing excellent work and service as a first step.

“There are many good lawyers in the city, and in order to distinguish yourself (and ideally your entire team), there needs to be a consistent focus on attention to detail, responsiveness to communications, and speed (without sacrificing quality) in delivery of work product,” she said. “Of course, outside of any particular transaction, business development is also about building relationships, which can be more challenging in a virtual world…the important thing has been to always stay in touch, whether by phone or by Zoom, when it isn’t possible to share a meal or sit in the same room during a negotiation. We’re all working through this experience together, and it’s important to maintain that human connection.

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