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Member Spotlight: A Conversation with Loeb Partner Jessica Lee

Loeb & Loeb partner Jessica Lee, co-chair of the Privacy, Security & Data Innovations practice, is profiled in a member spotlight Q&A by International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) discussing her views on the latest hot topics facing privacy professionals in 2022, including state and federal privacy regulations and international data flows.

In the article, Jessica discusses her take on the development of state privacy laws all over the country.

“There is certainly some alignment around a core set of principles [when it comes to privacy law provisions across the country],” Jessica told IAPP. “Most of the laws have a baseline of consumer rights (access, deletion, correction) and obligations on businesses regarding transparency, data governance and vendor management. However, there are a few areas where the differences may have a material impact on businesses and where it becomes harder to escape the patchwork.”

When asked about which global privacy issue she feels professionals will need to pay more attention to over the next year, Jessica said that she believes privacy professionals will need to move away from an EU-U.S.-centric mindset.

“Privacy is a global concern and there are frameworks outside of the EU and the U.S. that we will need to focus on,” she said. “The real patchwork is the growing global patchwork of privacy laws, and issues of data localization and cross-border data flows have and will continue to be some of the more challenging and overarching issues to address.”

“I don’t have a solution, but I think that companies need to have a solid privacy program that includes systems for maintaining a data inventory that provides the company to have a clear picture of the lifecycle of its data so that it can create a program that addresses all of the relevant privacy regimes, not just the EU and U.S.”

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