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A Conversation with Gray Davis

Former California Governor and Loeb Of Counsel Gray Davis spoke to The New York Times in a Q&A article about the pandemic, the current state of the California government and his time as the former California governor.

In the article, Governor Davis discussed the vast array of challenges and issues that the current California governor and government as a whole had to handle over the past couple years, noting that the state and governor have done a “a very good job under very trying circumstances.”

“I can’t remember a governor since World War II who’s had so many things to deal with at the same time,” he said.

“The pandemic, keeping people alive, shutting down the economy to do that, wildfires, social unrest — there was no precedent to point to. There have been some midcourse corrections but at the end of the day, people understand we are essentially in a war,” Governor Davis noted.

Click here to read the full Q&A article on The New York Times’ website (subscription required).